Once again impeachment is being discussed in D.C. but we understand that regardless of the strength of the evidence, it is likely that should impeachment go through in the House it is unlikely to sustain a conviction in the Senate. This is because of the partisanship that exists, and honestly has always existed, in the chambers of Congress. The framers of the Constitution relied upon what they felt would be the better nature of man in that in a nation of laws, those elected would put loyalty to the law above other loyalties. Alas, this is not the case. With the entrenchment of political parties, Representatives and Senators constantly demonstrate that loyalty to a party outstrips loyalty to the country, its laws or even the spirit of the Constitution.

It is clear that certain members of the Executive Branch have consistently failed to uphold extant federal laws regarding immigration, protection of members of the Judicial Branch, espionage, and other statutes important to the smooth function of government. Others have engaged in selective enforcement of law applying different standards to those of their own party vice those of another. True representatives of the people would abhor such conduct, but not our “elected” representatives and senators. Every member of the government takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. They do not take an oath to their party. Yet, daily, members of Congress and the Executive branch demonstrate loyalty to party over loyalty to the Constitution.

Much of the loyalty to party results from the national party funding mechanisms that are allowed to exist. Such funding should be made illegal. People in Ohio should not be able to contribute to someone running for office in Arizona nor should corporations or national parties. The rules of how Congress works should be set by the people and not by the members of Congress. If they truly are to work for us then we should determine how they do their work. We should have a set of Constitutional amendments that clarify and specify how each of the houses is run. For example, no seniority, every congress starts fresh. Representatives will sit alphabetically, not by party. In fact, the best thing we could do would be to pen an amendment forbidding political parties of any sort. No separate medical or retirement programs for Congress. They will use 401k mechanisms and purchase health insurance. No government pensions. Term limits. Commercial travel in coach. A two-year budget must be passed before Congress can engage in any other work, including committee hearings.

There are lots of things that need to be done to get the representatives to truly work for the people vice regarding themselves as entitled celebrities eager to appear in front of the cameras.

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