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So, I blog but my wife keeps telling me I should write Op Eds for publication. I told her I would if I had the necessary connections but those of you in the intelligence business know just how assiduously we have always avoided the media. The press, TV, vloggers and podcasters are anathema to an intelligence operative. But now that I am no longer in the business, profession, vocation (depending upon how you saw your mission, I’m one of the latter), and I’m full of informed-opinions my wife and friends want me to be more widely published. Still, not having developed contacts in the media (crossing the street when I saw one coming) I’m not quite sure how to proceed. Remember, my opinions are like my American Express card; I never leave home without them. I’ve been a member of AmEx since 1975 and I’ve had opinions (most of which I’ve had to keep to myself because of my vocation) since way before that.

If any of my readers have any ideas, and agree with my wife, I’ll be happy to entertain attempting some Op Eds for more than just my blog. For example I’d like to talk about why the congress people in the meeting with Devon Archer did not pursue the money trail. All professionals know that to get the answers you need you follow the money. And there’s so much more that plagues the minds of professional operations and counterintelligence officers. Is there espionage here? More so than you might think. Is there the recruitment of an agent of influence? Probably. Is there fraud? Oh my yes. What about accessories before and after the fact? Yes, that too.

Please remember that I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am simply a supporter and defender of the U.S. Constitution to which I swore allegiance not once, not twice, but three separate times. I observe and report, but part of that reporting involves asking questions based on experience and observation.

So, please let me have your comments about whether I should strive to go further. Oh, there’s a new book being offered to some agents and/or publishers. “Peacock, of the CIA” has been approved by the CIA’s Prepublication Classification Review Board. The premise: what happens when the CIA mistakenly hires a sociopath as an operations officer and sends him off into the world to do good.

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  1. You could start with your local rag by writing letters to the editor. I used to do this with our paper in New Bern, NC but gave up when they refused to print the ones that disagreed with their Leftist views. If there is a Conservative paper in your area you might give them a try–they might even accept op-eds.

  2. I think it is a great idea for you to do addtional writings. The country needs to hear from sensible informed people such as yourself….and the added bit of humor is a plus as well!

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